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Reading Horizons and the Tennessee Resource Review

The HB 3 Reading Academies are helping educators learn about the science of reading throughout Texas. We know you and your colleagues are eager to put those skills into practice (and probably anxious to see the commissioner’s list) to help your students make gains in reading proficiency. Reading Horizons gives you a head start on science-based phonics instruction and closes the gaps between knowledge and practice, so the benefits of the Reading Academies impact students. It’s simple for teachers and effective for students.

As determined by the 2022 TEA Standards Alignment Review process, Reading Horizons Discovery® aligns with 100 percent of Phonics-Related Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in K–3.*

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Translate your HB 3 Reading Academy knowledge to classroom practice with a program that aligns with 100 percent of phonics-related TEKS in grades K–3.

Case Study

Tyler Independent School District Research Study

This rigorous study compared impacts between students whose teachers implemented Reading Horizons Discovery® and those whose teachers did not implement the program during the 2021–2022 school year. Both implementation integrity and student outcomes were measured by the Reading Horizons Implementation Integrity Rubric and the DIBELS 8 assessment, respectively. Students receiving Reading Horizons Discovery® instruction demonstrated a positive effect size of .31, a substantively important positive effect, according to What Works Clearinghouse Evidence Standards.

With exposure to the Reading Horizons method, average student growth was more than double that of students without exposure.

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After our first group of teachers completed the Texas Reading Academies, our district began looking for a systematic and explicit program for teaching phonics. We quickly discovered that Reading Horizons was the answer. It has given us common language and resources across grade levels that has had a positive effect on student performance in grades K–3. Our teachers feel more confident and supported in their instruction and find the lessons and routines easy to implement and extremely effective in reaching the varying needs of their students.

— Meghan Dowell

Literacy Coordinator, Giddings ISD, TX

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Why Teachers Love Reading Horizons:

  • Simple Method—We have nearly 40 years of proven science baked into one intuitive tool designed in collaboration with classroom teachers in Texas.
  • Ease of Implementation—We work hand-in-hand with teachers to develop resources that transform the complexities of an evolving science into a streamlined program for all students.
  • Supportive partner—Consider us your trusted teaching partners—whether to offer support or to celebrate, we’ll know you by name and pick up when you call.

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. With leading real-time data, you can celebrate reading success, district-wide.

The next generation of foundational literacy

Reading Horizons Discovery

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. With leading real-time data, you can celebrate reading success district-wide.

Looking for a program for reading intervention and ELL for older students?

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Overcome student learning gaps with assessment-driven explicit phonics instruction based on the science of reading.

Foundational Literacy for Older Students: Catching Up. Keeping Up. Moving Ahead.

Nearly 66% of fourth- and eighth-grade learners perform below proficient achievement levels in reading. For students grades 4 and beyond who struggle with reading, the path ahead can be difficult and discouraging. For striving readers, newcomers, and students with special needs, we can do more and do it better. And that’s the focus of this edWebinar.

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Jacob Dobscha

Jacob Dobscha

Account Executive

Phone: 801-335-7109 (Toll Free)
Email: jacob.dobscha@readinghorizons.com

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Lunch & Learn: Reading Horizons in Region 13

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Lunch & Learn: Reading Summit in Region 12

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Commissioner's List: Get to know Reading Horizons

School Districts across Texas are evaluating programs in conjunction with the Commissioner's List. We invite you to learn more about our unique method and the impact our engaging approach has in other local districts.What to expect during this Webinar:

  1. How we equip teachers to deliver instruction that aligns with the Reading Academies.
  2. Experience our how engaging approach captivates students through a live model lesson.
  3. Real examples of success in other districts.
  4. Hands-on practice, raffle prizes, and fun!

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February 8

10:00 AM CT

March 2

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After only using Reading Horizons for a few months, our teachers are already seeing a difference in students’ application of phonics rules. Students are able to take the concept they are studying in Reading Horizons and apply it in their reading and writing in ways they have not been able to in the past.”

— Taylor Clark, District Coordinator of Curriculum at Spring Hill ISD

We’ve been surprised at how much even our teachers have learned about phonics and phonemic awareness just from the Reading Horizons method.

— Crystal Schott, Instructional Coach at Lytle ISD

My students are constantly pointing out the skills and sounds that we practice with Reading Horizons® in other content areas. I feel like it’s really ‘sticking!’

— Sarah Fremont, Teacher at Texas City ISD

I have students with Dyslexia that are making a lot of progress. They have improved their Lexile levels by more than 200L!

— Laura Gonzalez, Teacher at Liberty ISD

Looking for a program for fourth grade and higher?

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Hogg Middle School has a nearly 100 percent at-risk population of students, as well as having a large population of ESL students. To be honest, the students at Hogg started out a little reluctant to use the program. They would say it was too basic for a middle schooler. As I started pulling small groups, the students began to change their opinion of the program. In the small groups, I work on Reading Horizons with fidelity and set goals with the students to show growth from one district assessment to the next. Just during the first nine weeks, 90 percent of the students I work with showed growth between the first and second district unit assessments (some grew several points and some grew from one proficiency level to the next). The students who started out being reluctant to be part of my groups now beg me to come get them. Not only has their knowledge grown, but so has their confidence. The students like the small group instruction, are engaged, and able to apply the lessons to actual classwork. They are also able to take the knowledge they have gained and be peer helpers in their classrooms during the whole class Reading Horizons lessons. As you can see, Reading Horizons is beneficial at any grade level!!

—Kristen Parker, Reading Specialist at Tyler ISD

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