Teacher Resources for Reading

A Critical Foundation for Reading Success

Teacher Resources for Reading

Researchers have found that the most effective approach for teaching reading to beginning and striving readers is instruction that is explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory in nature.

The following teacher resources are great tools to ensure that your instruction aligns with this approach and that you are giving your students the best reading instruction possible.

To learn more about decoding strategies, find the answer to the question: “what is decoding?,” and even view a list of reading strategies, simply go to the Reading Horizons Reading Strategies Homepage. You can also learn more about including phonics instruction in a high school classroom

Reading Workshop ›

reading workshop teacher resources

One of the teacher resources is the Reading Horizons Online Reading Workshop was designed to make implementing research-based reading strategies in the classroom as simple as can be. The Workshop’s engaging, interactive, and informative lessons show educators how to explicitly and systematically teach foundational reading skills to beginning readers, struggling readers, and English Language Learners. The Workshop can be paused and saved at any time, making it particularly friendly for teachers with busy schedules. Best of all, our workshop is free to anyone for 30 days and always free to Reading Horizons customers.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants can even download a certificate of completion that can be submitted for professional development credit.

Education Blog ›

Regularly visit The Reading Horizons Blog to keep up with the latest research, trends, and tips for teaching students literacy skills. The blog is continually updated with articles from guest writers and our own curriculum specialists, as well as highlights from recent news articles and research studies. The blog is also a great way to connect with a vast network of educators just like you who are passionate about improving literacy in our schools.

RH Accelerate©

Reading Horizons makes full use of technology to keep teachers connected and supported. Our website RHAccelerate.com supplies educators with video walkthroughs of our products, downloadable Enrichment CD resources and blackline masters, resources for instructional planning, teaching tips, and technical support.

Webinars for Teachers ›

Stay up to date on the latest educational developments through Reading Horizons free webinar series. Our webinars cover a variety of helpful and interesting topics, including standards, differentiated instruction, essential components of RTI implementation, measuring and monitoring student progress, research, and, of course, effective strategies for teaching reading to beginning and struggling readers, English Language Learners, and students with learning disabilities. After viewing each webinar, teachers can download a Certificate of Attendance to submit for free professional development credit.

Teacher Training ›

When teachers are trained prior to their professional careers, they are sometimes given little preparation in how to teach basic literacy skills to beginning and struggling readers. This lack of training can make their reading instruction less effective than it could be, which ultimately leaves many students without the skills they need to succeed in school, work, and life.

To help fill this preparedness gap, Reading Horizons offers live and online teacher trainings that provide an overview of the Reading Horizons method, including essential strategies for teaching reading, as well as product orientations and tips for maximizing instructional success. These short and affordable trainings empower teachers to help any emerging or struggling reader learn to read. They may also be used for the purpose of professional development for teachers.


We know that learning is a lifelong endeavor and that even well-trained instructors can always learn something new. That’s why our websites provide links to free E-Books that are chock full of information on a variety of topics. Whether you are interested in teaching reading to students with learning disabilities like dyslexia, or the latest reading research findings, or the ways technology is being used in the classroom, our EBooks will help ensure that your instruction is well informed.