Phonemic Awareness

Good reading instruction begins with laying a solid foundation on which to build, and for reading that foundation is phonemic awareness.

Phonemic Awareness Resources

Podcast Episode: Hear Here! The Sound Wall and Its Connections to Speech-to-Print Instruction

Children hear and speak before they learn to read. Sound walls can accelerate students’ articulatory learning and their production of speech, on the road to becoming proficient readers and spellers. In this episode of Literacy Talks, our trio of literacy experts share their experiences and recommendations for integrating sound walls into regular literacy instruction.

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Webinar Recording: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

For young learners, PreK through grade three, phonological and phonemic awareness are essential building blocks for literacy. And for older, striving readers grade four and beyond, mastering these core literacy skills can help break barriers to academic success and progress. In this recorded webinar, two skilled, innovative educators will introduce you to research-based, classroom-tested techniques and activities, all created to build and reinforce students’ phonological and phonemic awareness. Many of the techniques and activities you’ll see will also support students with dyslexia. If you’re looking for approaches that will make the connection between speech and the written word, this is your webinar!