Addressing Sensory Differences at Home & in the Classroom

March 03, 2020   |   Duration: 00:32:34   |   With Reading Horizons Featuring Wendy Bertagnole


A parent/former educator discusses her journey of discovery with her own son’s sensory issues and how it changed her parenting. A fascinating discussion of sensory differences that don’t meet the criteria for Sensory Processing Disorder and how parents and teachers can think about and respond to children with sensory issues at home and in the classroom.

Expert Guest

Wendy Bertagnole

Wendy Bertagnole

I’m Wendy Bertagnole, a mom, former teacher, lover of chocolate, yoga, long hikes, and sunshine. My passion is working with moms who are frustrated with their children’s behavior, helping them to understand the reason behind the behavior, address it directly and once again enjoy motherhood and their children. I believe every behavior is a form of communication and I am here to help every mom understand what her child is communicating through their behavior.


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