Reading Horizons Elevate®

Reading Intervention and English Language Learners

Reading Horizons Elevate®

Reading Intervention and English Language Learners

Prepare teachers to pinpoint and target the individual instructional needs of striving readers and English Language Learners in grades 4+.


Reading Intervention Program for Grades 4+

When older learners have reading difficulties it is often because they have gaps in the foundational decoding skills needed for fluent reading. The Reading Horizons Elevate ® program helps older learners fill these gaps with assessment-driven explicit phonics instruction based on the principles of reading science.

The Reading Horizons Elevate® intervention program helps you address a variety of student needs:

Allow Students to Learn Independently and at Their Own Pace

The Reading Horizons Elevate® Software provides students with independent, competency-based learning that addresses their unique needs, adjusts to their pace, and gives them the privacy to struggle without feeling embarrassed. Students can also access the online software from home for virtual learning and to accelerate their learning.

Help Students with Dyslexia Improve Their Reading Skills

The program is aligned to the Structured Literacy approach, which includes all of the best practices for teaching students with dyslexia. The unique marking system that is embedded in every skill lesson, helps students with dyslexia learn to recognize and decode English sound, letter, and word patterns.


Address the Needs of Students in Special Education

Reading Horizons has been endorsed by the Council of Administrators in Special Education (CASE) for use in special education settings, remedial reading courses, and Tier II and Tier III in RTI programs.

Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs)

On top of teaching the patterns and structure of the English language, the Reading Horizons Elevate® products further adjust to the needs of ELLs with optional language translations (available in Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese), pronunciation practice, vocabulary, real-world reading exercises, and basic grammar lessons.

Fuel Student Motivation and Build Self-Esteem

By focusing on one skill at a time, students experience quick wins on simple and achievable goals that motivate and fuel their confidence. To further build motivation during reading practice, students get to choose which reading passages and topics match their personal interests in the software and print reading materials.

Provide Literacy Instruction in Correctional and Adult Education Settings

It’s never too late to learn to read! The Reading Horizons Elevate® reading intervention program gives adult learners their best chance to be successful in learning to read and and helps them reach their goals. Adults see fast gains because the software continuously assesses, instructs, and adapts content to target each student’s needs.


Giving Hope to Striving Readers

Watch how these educators used the Reading Horizons Elevate® program to help striving readers find hope as they learned to read.

Pamela Smith, Literacy Specialist

Cassidy, Student


Empowering Striving Readers

Unlocking the potential of striving readers and ELLs is possible with a dynamic and comprehensive approach. At Reading Horizons, we harness the power of teachers, professional learning, and technology to guide all readers back to success in their educational journey.


Unlock the superhero potential of teachers with Reading Horizons Elevate! Our direct instruction materials give educators the power to transform the science of reading into practical instruction for striving readers. Equip teachers with the tools to help students build new connections in the brain and conquer challenging words. Empower your teachers and supercharge student success!

Professional Learning

Teachers are crucial in any effective reading program. However, with the appropriate training, fulfilling this vital role becomes easier. Our comprehensive professional learning services teach foundational skills and strategies while providing teachers a common language for supporting their students and fostering collaboration among educators.


Technology is a valuable tool for teachers to maximize their time with students. With the help of the Reading Horizons Elevate software, students receive personalized instruction while teachers can assess performance data and provide targeted support for those who need it. This approach ensures that every student can progress at their speed and overcome any obstacles in their learning.

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I am amazed at the growth that I have seen in my students this year after using Reading Horizons as an intervention program. I have had a few students who went from reading 7 words per minute to now reading almost 40 words per minute.

— Leigh F., Pittsburgh Public Schools, PA

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