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Fill out the form to request a discovery call with your dedicated Reading Horizons® representative. Attend the meeting to chat about your district’s foundational literacy goals, and we’ll thank you with a complimentary pair of genuine Apple AirPods—no strings attached, regardless of the meeting’s outcome.

Because every superhero—yes, that’s you, educators—deserves their own epic soundtrack.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: To be eligible to receive the Apple AirPods, you must be currently employed in a public K-12 school district in North Carolina, have a role in the reading curriculum department or a related academic department, and not currently a Reading Horizons customer. If you don’t meet these criteria but believe you can bring a district-level administrator who qualifies to join you at a meeting, please indicate this in your form submission. Reading Horizons will award Apple AirPods in good faith to those who meet these qualifications following the conclusion of a discovery call meeting.

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At Reading Horizons, we support educators with powerful science-based phonics curriculum and training resources that help all students reach reading proficiency by the end of third grade.