Florida Center for Reading Research Reviews Discover Intensive Phonics

The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) is an organization committed to reviewing reading programs and sharing its findings with schools and educators nationwide. The FCRR recently conducted a review of Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself, and the results were very positive!

The FCRR uses a three-point scale to measure a program’s effectiveness in the areas it addresses. Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself scored an impressive three out of three points in phonics, adding further validation to our claim to be one of the best, most effective phonics programs available. The FCRR report describes Discover Intensive Phonics as an explicit, systematic phonics program that offers aligned student materials and plenty of opportunities for practicing its concepts.

Many aspects of the program were noted as strengths by the FCRR report, such as the cumulative nature of our program, which sequentially builds skills from simple to complex. Another strength noted was that, after learning the basic phonetic rules, students are taught flexibility with deviations and exceptions. The review also stated that teachers themselves can gain a stronger understanding of the phonetic structure of English while using Discover Intensive Phonics with their students. The multi-sensory mode of instruction was named as a motivating factor for students as well as a means of reinforcing the connection of spoken-to-written language, as students, hear, say, see, and write each word. No weaknesses were noted by the FCRR review.


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