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Getting Started with Reading Horizons

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This one-day in-person professional learning covers a brief overview of the science of reading, Structured Literacy, and the process of implementing the Reading Horizons instructional framework in various settings. Attendees will receive an overview of the phonics skills taught in Reading Horizons Discovery®, focusing on the content in the initial chapters, how to implement the program in their classroom with hands-on practice of the instructional design, how to deliver a lesson, and how to use the available resources.

  • January 25 Discovery (K–3rd) Training for Teachers
  • January 30 Elevate (4th–5th Grade) Training for Teachers
  • January 31 Discovery (K–3rd) Training for Coaches
  • February 20 Discovery (K–3rd) Training for Teachers

Monthly Office Hours (3:30-4:30 PM)

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  • Spelling
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  • Breaking up a Lesson
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In addition to these Broward-specific offerings, we have free, open enrollment, per seat trainings on a variety of topics.


Sustaining Success

Deepen skill knowledge, learn how to further help students transfer acquired skills to their reading and writing, and experience hands-on practice with additional games and resources for skill building and

  • Half Day (3 hours)
    Virtual – $1,000 or In-Person – $1,500
  • Full Day (6 hours)
    In-Person – $3,000

Job-Embedded Classroom Modeling

Building Momentum includes an overview of the science of reading, Structured Literacy, and implementing the Reading Horizons instructional framework in a variety of settings.

  • Full Day (6 hours)
  • Up to Five Teachers
  • In-Person – $3,000
Nate Smeding

Nate Smeding

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